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We want to invite you to join our interactive website.  Register and become a Ball Bug Member and then you can post pictures on the Photo Gallery or go to the Guestbook page.  This website has been created for adventurous kids who want to share their tips for survival in the woods, share your hiking stories, craft stories, cool stuff you find, bullying stories and what you did about it. There are no limits as to what subject you want to write about.  It's FREE and Fun!

Each page has a little information about each of the characters from the Adventures of the Ball Bug Boys.  They will share a survival tip on each of their pages.  Learn how to survive snake bites, insect bites, making a fire, staying dry, what to put in your back packs and first aid kits.  You can also learn what else you can do with survival bracelets other than wear them.  Let Poor Paw tell you what all he uses duct tape for.  Visit them and get to know them.  We would love it if you ordered our book and read about their adventures.

The Ball Bug Boys and Poor Paw go on several adventures in the First Series of the Adventures of the Ball Bug Boys.  They have learned along the way how to improvise when they have needed to.  They will share with you what they have learned and you can share with them what you have learned. 

Makya is not too adventurous but she will share with you Urban Survival, like fashion tips, hair and nail tips.  She is also an animal lover so she will share stories of her animals.  Makya is also a big advocate against bullying. She understands about being bullied and how it hurts.  Vent about the bullies you know!  Her and the boys will listen.

Meme likes to use home remedies, uses for herbs, coconut oil, and other household products to improvise cooking, cleaning and other household projects.

We're always looking for new stories for our Series of the Ball Bug Boys, so send us some ideas so you can tell your friends your story is published in our series.

Click on the Cover Page to order your copy of the First Book of the Adventures of the Ball Bug Boy's Series.  This is a funny, adventuresome chapter book for ages from 7 to 13 years of old.

Visit each page to read about the characters and subscribe to receive a Free weekly survival tip by your favorite!  Don't forget to share your own survival story or post a picture or post something cool that you have learned about!


Book 2 is under way, but I need to find quiet time to finish it.  There isn't much quiet time at my house.  Here is a chapter that I haven't even had a chance to edit.  Click here to read Chapter 4


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