Survival for Kids

From the Ball Bug Boys

Who We Are

We are the Ball Bug Boys and Makya.  We're the characters from the book Adventures of the Ball Bug Boys! We want to bring you some survival tips we've learned the hard way or finding cool ways on the internet as how to survive if you get lost, or run into danger. You can request a survival tip by registering to be a Ball Bug Member!  

We want to offer to kids a website that we all can have fun with.  It's kind of like Facebook but not.  It's interactive so you and other members can reply back and forth with each other.  You can post a problem, or something you want to share.

When you go hiking NEVER go alone!  If you get lost we hope we or other members provided you with enough information to get back on the right path to get back home.  

After becoming a member you can go to the Guestbook page and send us your story we can use for one of our stories in our next series of The Ball Bug Boys!