Survival for Kids

From the Ball Bug Boys

My name is Felix!  We have so much fun when me and my brother go to the country.  My cousins and us go outside and play.  We go to the creek, go hiking, play hide and seek, go fishing at the river or lake.  There is always something fun to do.  I have to be careful because I'm always playing with bugs and have been stung a few times.  When we go out we always carry a first aid kit in out backpack but sometimes we didn't have everything in it that we needed.  We have watched enough survival shows and gotten tips off the internet that we found other things to use for a sting or bite.  Subscribe to our website and we'll reply with a weekly survival tip.  Subscribing you also become a member and can post your own survival tip or story for the members to read or reply to. Let's hear from you!

I have a survival tip to try to stay away from the insects and what to do if you do get stung.  Click here!

Felix is carefree, but also can be very stubborn.  If he’s passionate about doing something it’s hard to convince him otherwise but typically is all about laughing and having a good time.

Black Widow
Brown Recluse