Survival for Kids

From the Ball Bug Boys

Hi!  I'm Kadyn!  Hey I'm glad you stopped by for a visit.  I'm the daredevil out of the bunch, so I'm usually getting hurt.  Before we go on an adventure I always remember to take a first aid kit with me just in case.  I wrestle for the City and play soccer.  One of my favorite shows is Survival so I like to take every adventure on like it's a survival show.  I've tried several of the survival tips that's I've seen on the show and also that I've found on the internet.  So far they've seemed to help me.  Subscribe to my webpage and I'll send you weekly survival tips or uses for household items that you can use.

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For now click here and I'll share with you a survival tip on how to use a survival bracelet!

Kadyn is Makya’s younger brother.  He’s a bit of a prankster with a very wild imagination.  Kadyn has a lot of energy which makes him a really good soccer player.  He doesn’t like it much when he doesn’t get his way.