Survival for Kids

From the Ball Bug Boys


Hi!  I'm Layton!  I love to ride four wheelers out in the country, hiking, and fishing.  Sometimes I get lost so I have to navigate myself with my compass.  I don't leave without filling my backpack with items that I might need if I'm lost for very long.  Subscribe to become a member and receive a weekly FREE survival tip from me or one of the other characters.  By becoming a member you can also go on the Guestbook page and post your own survival tip or story for all of us and or other members to reply to.  We would love to hear from you!

I always worry about coming up on snakes so I put together a list of things I do to avoid a snake bite and what to do if you get a snake bite.  Click here to see!

Layton is the oldest brother of Ryan and Lane.  Layton plays baseball and really enjoys his video games and adventure.  He’s very intuitive in nature.  Layton is a good brother who does his best to watch over his little brothers.

Eastern Rattlesnake