Survival for Kids

From the Ball Bug Boys

I'm Luke!  I really like going off on hikes and seeing all there is to see!  I wander off a lot by myself because my cousins can all be pretty loud and I can see more wildlife when I'm on my own.  We hike through the woods all the time and I've gotten left behind a time or two.  I know to stay away from the creek, but I love to listen to the water flowing and splash in it.  I don't go anywhere with out my compass in my backpack and a few bottles of water.  Before you go out hiking be sure you have a good list to pack your backpack.  Don't leave without it because you will probably need it.  

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Luke has more energy and curiosity than any of them.  Just keeping him with the others is a full time job.  Luke focuses on something and the next thing you know he’s long gone.