Survival for Kids

From the Ball Bug Boys

Meme's Survival

Meme and Poor Paw
Hi! Survival can be defined and applied to several situations. I chose to help others survive around the house using different household items for multiple uses, recipes and survival in the garden.  Please subscribe to my webpage to receive free weekly useful hints to collect for yourself. 

I am also the author of the children's 7-12 chapter book Adventures of the Ball Bug Boys.  You're kids or grandkids will love the adventures that these kids do. 

Randy inspired my idea of writing the book by his stories he would tell our grandchildren.  I used his character names and put my own spin on the stories.  It turned out to be a successful collaboration.

Monthly posts for healthier living using Essential Oils by Young Living.  Introduction of a different oil and its uses every month by clicking here.  Read my blogs, I'm giving weight loss tips, making bath salts, and now make Goat Milk Soap using Essential Oils,  I'll let you know how that goes  .I'm really loving my new soaps!  So much lather!!!

Check out all the household uses for vinegar.  It's an amazing cleaner.  

Click here to see 160 uses for coconut oil by Lew Rockwell that I found on the internet and asked permission to re-post!  Some of the things listed I'm not sure I would do, but there's something for everyone.  For me, not only is it great to cook with but I even wash and moisturize my face with it.