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From the Ball Bug Boys

Poor Paw Fishing
Fishing, hiking, riding my scooter and bicycle is my life.  The peace I feel within when I'm outdoors wandering around in the weeds, trees, and water is indescribable to me.  I find pure pleasure into finding something I can use to build with or make something different at home.  I would love to share with you a few of my adventures that I have had over the years when I've been in the wilderness and needed to improvise  to accomplish what I set out to do.  Hope you enjoy our stories, useful tips from our adventures.

Meme and I like to take our scooters and ride out in the country.  We have seen a lot of different thing out on our rides.  Later on I'll share some pretty funny stories on that!

Duct tape is probably my favorite thing to have in my backpack when I'm out.  I've used duct tape to build shelter.  Once I cut myself pretty good and used duct tape as a band aid.  I found a list of uses on the internet that has many uses for you to save.  Click here