Survival for Kids

From the Ball Bug Boys

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Click on any of the pictures below to read and learn about dangerous venomous snakes and spiders. has a lot of awesome information for all types of snakes and spiders along with really cool videos.  It's important to know what snakes and spiders to watch out for before you go hiking in the woods. You can learn all about them here.

If you enjoy reading and writing click on this link to enter a contest.  Stone Soup Magazine offers writing competitions for children with an opportunity to be published in their magazine.  Enter now by clicking on this link!

Click here to to check out Kidzworld!  Safe interaction for kids! Free Games, Forums and more.

I found a great website for 14 beautiful watering holes for Texas!  Click here and start making your summer plans to visit Texas!

Recently I have learned about Essential Oils and the wonderful results I have had using them.  Because I'm such a believer in using them to stay healthier I have become a distributor.  I signed up for my own personal use and savings, but I can't keep my mouth shut when I find out something that has helped me, I have to shout it! If you ever have an experience of feeling better instantly for something even as small as a stomachache, you want to share it.  You don't keep quiet about a half price sale, do you? 


It won't keep the doctor away for everything, but it sure helps when you have something you know the doctor is just going to tell you rest, and drink plenty of fluids! lol  If  you wanted to try one oil, my favorite and I believe the most versatile everyday oil would be Peppermint Oil.  Here is my website to find out more click here.   I have a new favorite "Joy".  It's a blend of several oils, but it relaxes and makes me happy.  I love this oil!